Little Birdie x Wild Thing!

we bring you our next event - at the beautifully thoughtful Wild Thing.

Tickets are now on sale & showcase tables are available - get in touch with us via our Contact page or DM on instagram!

So we’re currently planning our next event which we cannot wait to bring you!! We’re heading back to Cardiff, to a brand new location and we’re showcasing some of the finest talent from around the South Wales area! KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED!

International Women’s Day 2019

I mean, is there a more appropriate song in the worlddddddd to play on this day!? I think not….. HIT IT!

All the women, who are independent
Throw your hands up at me
All the honeys, who making money
Throw your hands up at me
All the mommas, who profit dollars
Throw your hands up at me
All the ladies, who truly feel me
Throw your hands up at me


Wow - what can we say! We’re speechless with the amount of positive feedback we’ve received about our event. In our eyes, it was a massive success. The night began with both of us (Kayleigh and Kelsey) and our loyal friends and family dressing the room with our Pinterest dream of fresh flowers, candles and plenty of tasty treats. We were so lucky to have had such a beautiful location for our event - the instagrammers dream that is Nest 23! We can’t thank them enough! Our special guest was Amy (@theprettygreenlife) with her amazing haul of Tropic beauty products for everybody to try out and it’s safe to say we’re all converted from your regular high street brands. Upon arrival we asked everyone to fill out a questionnaire to highlight what they wanted to achieve throughout 2019 and where they wanted to be this time next year. It was so inspiring to see so many lovely people really striving to achieve their dreams and to let us know what their ambitions were so we could help point them in the right direction. The amount of positive feedback we’ve received has been overwhelming and we can’t thank everyone enough for being so supportive both on social media and on the night - it was such a relief for us as we were super nervous for our very first event. We can’t wait to bring you the second event - keep your eyes peeled for details!

Kelsey and Kayleigh 


What to expect at our launch event…


Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 09.10.48.png


We are so overwhelmed by the fact that we’ve completely SOLD OUT for our very first event (in just one weekend!) If you missed out on getting tickets, please get in touch with us and we will add you to the waiting list!


On Sale!

Head over to our events page where our tickets for The Launch Event are now on sale!!!!

Our Launch Event!


IT’S OFFICIAL!! Our Launch Event location has been announced! We’re super excited to let you guys know that our very first event will be held at Nest23, Cardiff. It’s the perfect place to host our event - an independent cocktail bar! From tasty cocktails to delicious food samples, it’s going to be a great night. We will be announcing the date later this week so keep your eyes peeled and make sure you grab your tickets as quick as you can!

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 00.30.34.png

Full Steam Ahead

we loved visiting The Head of Steam this week - what better way to conduct a meeting than with a pint of Motorhead Road Crew pale ale and some delicious food! The staff were super friendly, the decor was bang on trend and both the food and drinks menu made us start 10 minutes late for our briefing…(it all sounded so tasty we simply could NOT decide what to have!) We can’t wait to come back and try a burger & some pizza and test out the new Tiny Rebel ale that’s featuring on their pumps!

NOVEMBER 7th 2018

‘Influencer marketing’ is one of the biggest trends for brands wanting to grow their audience and improve sales. Teaming up with someone with a big social media following who your potential customers both like and trust can be far more effective than traditional advertising. Christian Amodeo, the founder of the hugely popular and multi award winning cult brand I Loves The ‘Diff, hosted a Q&A session where he discussed the power of social influencers and their ability to help boost business and awareness of new campaigns and products. Christian – who has almost 64,000 followers on Twitter and more than 13,000 on Instagram - gave us the "do’s and don’ts" of effective blogging, tweeting and how to convey the right messages using the right channels, as well providing some tips on engaging with social media influencers for your brand. We had such a great time at the event and are looking to venture back to the Natwest Entrepreneurs Hub soon!

Photo 07-11-2018, 12 48 07.jpg

NOVEMBER 6th 2018

We hope you had an amazing Bonfire Night! There’s something about fireworks, scarves, hot chocolate with marshmallows that says “Winter is here!” and we cannot wait!

OCTOBER 31st 2018


Happy Halloween!

We hope you have a spook-tacular halloween filled with plenty of toffee apples and pumpkin spiced latte!

OCTOBER 30th 2018

A little birdie told us…. it’s time for our first blog post! So, we’ve been super super busy the last few weeks gearing up ready for our website launch. It’s taken a lot of time and dedication but we’re so happy and proud of the outcome - we hope you love it just as much as we do! 

It’s a daunting task when you set up a business - what image are we going to portray? What colour scheme shall we follow? What message do we want to send to our audience? The list goes on! Like all business start ups, it requires hours on end of preparation, “after-hours” meetings when you’re already working full time and LOTS of coffee!! It also helps when you surround yourself with a positive atmosphere - our first meeting involved takeaway from The Grazing Shed (Super tidy burgers, might we add!) The Breakfast Club playing in the background and iced coffee! Fast-forward to our final meeting where we’re picking out our brand new office equipment in IKEA and setting up our work station in the restaurant while our supplies were being gathered at the warehouse. Like we said, it takes preparation, hard work and dedication and sometimes it’s not always “neat and tidy” desks - it’s a pop up station with a plate of IKEA meatballs and cheesecake - but hey, we’re not complaining! 

Our website showcases our love of marketing, design, fashion, photography and most importantly networking and supporting other businesses. We want to be able to give all businesses, from start up to established, the chance to meet up in a vibrant, fun, convenient location and see our website and social media as the “heart” of the whole operation. We will be updating our website daily, with information on local events as well as our own, blog posts, photographs, quotes, interviews with local businesses, features and anything we think may help you along the way in your business journey. 

We want to get to know you, your business and most importantly we want to celebrate your achievements and give you the recognition you deserve. It’s takes courage and strength to start your own business - networking shouldn’t be made to feel like a “chore” or be full of worry and dread. We want you to enjoy your time, relax, make friends and business connections alike and celebrate the fact we’re all in this together… (did anybody else just break out into a High School Musical singalong? No? Just us? Ok….)

Get in touch, leave us a comment, like our photographs, follow us on social media, slide into our DM’s, however you want to introduce yourself, please feel free to promote your business to us.  We’re always looking for businesses to feature on our interview pages as well as looking for people to be guest speakers and part of our networking events!

Keep checking our website and socials so you don’t miss out on our upcoming networking events! 

Lots of love 

Kelsey and Kayleigh