KA Graphic Design

KA Graphic Design was founded by Kirsty, a freelance graphic designer based in Cardiff. On her Etsy shop you’ll find the sweetest, sassiest designs! KA Graphic Design specialises in creating greeting cards and prints with funny slogans and cute illustrations. We asked Kirsty if she could tell us a few things about her business and the reasons she wanted to be her own boss:

I started my business after a big nudge from a super fabulous pal. I was doing a lot of favours for people I knew, so, I thought why not see if anyone else fancies some surprise post or personalised treats too?!

I specialise in print design and sell greeting cards and prints via Etsy as well as at markets and a few local businesses. These are full of sarcasm, booze puns and a quote or two, so there’s something for everyone and every occasion.

There’s something for everyone and every occasion”

I also spend a lot of time working on custom projects, ranging from invitations to brochures and posters. So if you’ve got a project going on, give me a shout!

I love being able to work on projects I enjoy and creating designs which mean a lot to someone’s event or special day. I also get to meet lots of other fabulous makers and business owners, who are all pretty spot on! It’s a great community to be a part of!”

The Clean Cake Co.

The Clean Cake Company is a business in Cardiff that specialises in baking sweet vegan treats! (Yummy!) The Clean Cake Company will be joining us at our launch event, providing their yummy snacks to all our guests! How lucky are we?!

We asked Lucy, the founder of The Clean Cake Company to tell us why she started her business, what her business stands for and what she loves about being her own boss:

”I’m literally just in the process of setting up The Clean Cake Co. I want to show that ‘good for you’ doesn’t have to mean bland and can be delicious and fun. I’m even having my branding designed at the moment around the brief ‘happy colours’!

“I want to show that good for you doesn’t have to mean bland or boring”

Hopefully our cakes and cookies and other treats show that the healthier options isn’t always the lesser or not quite so good option. I don’t want any of my products to get the ‘hmm its ok, but…’ reaction. It shouldn’t be an option. You shouldn’t have to compromise and hopefully non vegans will give our cakes a try too.

I’m also planning on offering raw cake workshops in several gorgeous venues in and around Cardiff, with small groups of people, probably a maximum of 5, so you really get focused and get one on one time in order to produce some lush cakes that you get to are home with you!

I love the fact my children have seen me building this right from scratch and that I can be at home when I need to be for them. I also love that I can create a business that excites me and I can do it my way.” A

Creu Creative

A local marketing business, founded by one of our own team. Creu Creative specialise in creating marketing campaigns and marketing material for a number of businesses, large and small. The director, Kelsey, has a wealth in knowledge and has many years of experience in the Creative sector. Having worked for other companies through many of these years, she started Creu Creative to allow herself more creative freedom and to maintain a good work/life balance.

“So happy with my logo design and business cards. Top quality, well worth the money… highly recommended”

A Williams Property Maintenance

Creu Creative have already received great feedback from a number of clients and is currently taking on new clients! So if you are looking to outsource your marketing materials, check out Creu Creative at @CreuCreative on instagram, or drop them an email at info@creucreative.co.uk.