About Us

Little Birdie will be hosting networking events in South Wales for both start up and established businesses alike! We will have guest speakers, music, food and drinks all in a vibrant location with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Little Birdie is made up of two best friends who both have successful businesses of their own. Kelsey runs an Advertising and Marketing Company called CreuCreative and Kayleigh runs her own Illustration Business called More Shooting Stars. Having been such good friends (over 10 years!) and working within the same industry, we decided to partner up and work together to give both of our clientele a much more diverse and broad platform to choose from when working with us. We got talking about how there weren’t any FUN networking events for people in the South Wales Valleys areas – especially for people in the 18-35 categories (Really, we don’t all wear suits and carry briefcases!)

Almost everybody loves to go out, dine on delicious food, sip tasty cocktails and listen to some live music, so why should networking events be seen to be “formal and boring” – we’re everything BUT!! Our events are fun, lively, exciting and different, just how business in this day and age should be!

At our events you can expect an array of businesses from numerous industries, all local to Cardiff and surrounding boroughs. We thrive on helping small companies create working relationships, even friendships, and aid businesses into making their dreams a reality and turn their passions into a moneymaking success.

We’re also available to organise corporate and private events should you love our style, approach and dedication.

As previously mentioned, we love getting to know other businesses and the people behind the scenes making everything come together (it’s not all Instagram-able pretty neat desks and brunch meetings in our best outfits – and that’s OKAY!) We’re realistic, and we want to get to know those people who put the hours in, are passionate about their company and to remind everyone that owning a business takes hard work, dedication and hunger for success. You truly deserve some recognition, and we’re here to give you it!

As always, we welcome companies and businesses to get in touch with us if they would like to be a guest speaker or have a small table/stall at one of our events. We offer the opportunity to feature businesses on our Instagram, website, newsletter or blog, so please get in touch and tell us about your company.

We’re really hoping to see you at one of our upcoming events. Keep checking our social media platforms as well as our events page to ensure you don’t miss out!

Lots of love

Kayleigh and Kelsey